Red is a a shapeshifting imp who acts as the young witch Ashley's best friend and loyal assistant. Since their introduction in WarioWare: Touched!, the pair have become recurring characters in the WarioWare series.


Red is a little red demon with sky blue eyes and black hair. In Game & Wario, it is revealed that his trident is actually a part of his body (in which case it may shift into his body, as he held it in his right hand in Touched!, but in Smooth Moves, Red holds the trident in his left hand).


Red is the polar opposite of Ashley in many ways: he is outgoing, animated, cheerful, and easily frightened. He is also extremely helpful, as he is always seen assisting Ashley, whether it be with a spell or cleaning the mansion. Japanese material portrays Red as speaking with a Kansai accent (a trait shared with Dribble and Spitz), which is stereotypically associated with fun-loving, boisterous characters.