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Red is one of the secondary antagonists of Stuart Little. He is one of Smokey's henchmen. He is voiced by David Alan Grier. He was defeated when Snowbell broke the branch that he, Monty and Lucky were standing on sending the 3 cats into the water.


Stuart Little

He was first seen when he asks Stuart Little where he's going and called him Murray, and was chasing him in the roaster alongside Smokey and Lucky but they failed to get Stuart as he was going back to his home. He was later seen with Monty, Lucky and Smokey and was seeing Stuart and Snowbell and then when Snowbell was almost breaking the branch he was standing with Lucky and Monty and then the branch broke and all 3 of them were screaming and were defeated by falling into the water and Red was saying he raver drowns and escapes from the water with Lucky and Monty. After they got defeated, Red and Lucky were never seen again in the rest of franchise but Monty was.


Like the other alley cats, Red is snarky and evil. The only difference between Red and the other alley cats (especially Smokey) is that Red isn't the smartest out of all of the alley cats.


Where ya goin' Murray

"Where ya goin' Murray, eh Stuart? What's his name?"

Red chasing after Stuart

Red chasing after Stuart

Red going through the storm drain entrance

Red going through the storm drain entrance to catch up with Stuart's roadster

Unnamed Alley Cat, Monty, Red, Lucky and Smokey

Monty, Unnamed Alley Cat, Lucky and Red cut off by the sewer

Red going into Central Park

Red running into Central Park

Red jumping
Red staring in disbelief

Red stares in disbelief in Stuart's statement

Red leads the way

Red and Lucky chase Stuart

Red and Monty
Red reaching for Stuart

Red reaching for Stuart

Red plunging into the water

Red plunging into the water with Lucky, Monty and the unnamed alley cat

Red splashes into the water

Red splashes into the water

Red after the splash

Red emerges out cold and wet after the splash