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Red was a minor villain in the 1994 movie Fresh.

He was played by Anthony Thomas.

He is a villain because he does the same exact work as Corky and his men. Despite being a member of Corky's crack operations and being a friend of Jake, he is nothing like those 2 and in fact is a very warm and likable guy, as long as you don't get on his bad side. He is more of a merciful villain. He even suggests to Jake to spare Kermit (the man they talk about in the beginning who owes Jake $50).

It should also be of note that of all the men who murder Chuckie and try to jump both Chuckie and Fresh, Red is not one of them. One clue is by looking at the guys in the shadows you can tell by the facial shapes of the silhouette that Red is not one of them. In fact, Red seems to ditch Jake in fear when Jake shoots Curtis if you pay attention. He is even friends with one of Curtis's pals. It's hard to tell whether Red really is a villain or a hero. Because from the looks of it he only seems to be doing this because he was forced into that life. But he is a villain nevertheless for his job. He is neutral evil (meaning he's not really such a bad guy would it not be for his profession).

Despite Red's acts (drug dealing), it's not fair to say he died in disgrace. He often tried to stop Jake from doing stupid things, and just happened to get caught up in Corky's wrath. He is also very warm and talkable.