Villainess Rebel
Rebel is a villainess currently competing in Total Nonstop Action's Knockouts roster. She has also competed briefly for Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Rebel debuted for TNA in May of 2014 as the babyface girlfriend/valet for Knux, as well as the valet for The Freak and Crazzy Steve. The quartet was known as The Menagerie, and they competed as a group until they disbanded in early 2015. Since then, Rebel continued competing sporadically as a babyface, mainly teaming with Brooke Tessmacher against The Dollhouse (Jade and Marti Bell).

Rebel turned into a villainess on the August 26 episode of Impact Wrestling, doing so during a Knockouts Championship match between Brooke and Velvet Sky. After Jade and Marti entered and delivered a vicious attack to Velvet (as payback for her involvement in injuring their leader, Taryn Terrell), Rebel entered the ring appearing to save Velvet from the duo. Instead of saving her, however, the evil Rebel attacked Velvet with a kick to her back, officially establishing herself a heel Knockout for the first time in her TNA career. Rebel laughed evilly and joined Jade and Marti in attacking Velvet, while Taryn appeared via satellite and officially announced Rebel as the newest member of The Dollhouse.