Rebekah was a minor villainess from The Devil's Hand (alternately titled, Where the Devil Hides).

Rebekah was played by Jennifer Carpenter.


She was the evil stepmother of Mary Brown and the second wife of Jacob Brown. As the film shows, Rebekah has an immensely antagonistic relationship with Mary. When she learns about the Satanic prophecy, Rebekah grows suspicious of Mary and fears that she could be the "Devil's Hand."

She boldly suggested turning her in to Elder Beacon, who has been seeking out one of the six girls born on June 6, 1994 who could be carrying our the demonic prophecy. Rebekah ended up killed by the same murderer who had been killing the girls who has been part of the prophecy. Later in the film, Rebekah's and the girls' killer was revealed to be Mary's biological mother, Susan Brown.