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Rebecca Holden

Rebecca Holden was the main villainess from the 2016 Lifetime film, I Know Where Lizzie Is.

She was played by Vanessa Evigan.

Rebecca Holden was the evil stepmother of Lizzie Holden, and the second wife of Martin Holden. Upon learning that Lizzie was named as the beneficiary in Martin's will, Rebecca devised an evil plan to kill Lizzie so she could inherit her husband's massive fortune. She discovered psychic Tracy Spencer on YouTube and approached her to kidnap Lizzie, originally planning to acquire the ransom for her return, which was set at $2 million.

After being revealed as the true mastermind behind Lizzie's kidnapping, the evil Rebecca approached Tracy with a "change in plan": kill Lizzie--though she admitted it had been her plan all along. Rebecca and Martin were both interviewed on TV, while her evil plan was believed to be in motion. However, when Lizzie was found alive and in the trunk of Rebecca's car, Rebecca became nervous and was asked if she had anything to do with the kidnapping, only to leave and state that she won't talk without her lawyer present. Rebecca was on her phone looking to escape and get away, but she was suddenly killed by an oncoming car.