Evil Rebecca Carson

Rebecca Carson was a one-shot villainess from Warehouse 13. She appeared in Season Four's "The Big Snag."

She was portrayed by America Olivo, who also appeared as an unnamed villainess in the film Neighbor.

Rebecca Carson was the wife of archaeologist Oliver Carson, who discovered Vyasa's Jade Elephant. Pete and Myka, who were transported to the setting of a 1940s crime novel, questioned Rebecca at her home regarding the death of her husband, with Rebecca stating that he left her for a lounge singer named Lily. The pair later found collector Caspian Barnabas dead at a nearby bridge, as well as a long dark hair on the body, which they figured out to be Rebecca's hair.

After the discovery, Rebecca turned heel and blasted the pair with an electric bolt from the artifact, striking Pete and revealing herself as the killer. Dressed in a trenchcoat and hat, the evil Rebecca confessed to her crimes, stating that she killed Oliver because of the artifact and his betrayal. She then tried to sell it to collector Caspian Barnabas, but she killed him as well when he didn't pay her. Rebecca later appeared at the nightclub and held Lily hostage, but Pete and Myka arrived on the scene. Myka asked Anthony Bishop, who wrote the story they're in and was infatuated with Lily, if Rebecca was a real person trapped in the story just like herself and Pete. Bishop responded that Rebecca is a character (who he based on his mother-in-law), and after that, Myka killed Rebecca with a single gunshot.