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The Reapers are a seemingly mercenary organisation, compised mostly of Hasslich (Troll like creatures) dedicated to exterminated the Grimm population. They use scythes as there main weapons, and take the heads of Grimms the kill as Trophy's, a mocking of the Grimm custom of killing Wesen, by decapitation. Very little has been revaled about them, there organisation or there Hierachy, however they are atleast subservial to the Royal Households. And due to there simularities to Endzeichen Grimms it is speculated that they were formed to combat, these sadistic grimms. They dress in black robes, carry there scythes in briefcases and use monikers when committing there crimes. Its implied they recruit from the wesen ranks, members are inducted into the ranks by the merit of killing a Grimm. As well as murder they also sometimes beat others up as a warning if they defy the status quo.

Known Reapers

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