Reaper is a large mutant zombie who leads the zombies and a boss in the online free-to-play shooter game "Mercenary Ops" based on the Gears of Wars videogame franchise.


Reaper is a large zombie humanoid wearing a military uniform with grenades from his waist. He is bald and has glowing red eyes. He wears a mask and an armor and a glowing red bleeding chest and he wields a giant axe. His s econd apearance is another Reaper Wielding with assasin sword Strange Armor with spike with his mask he must be him again from The island and Prison. 


a Large zombie is name is Reaper is The one of the Experiments of The IMSA Soldiers in and he apears in The Assault operations Screaming From The ICF Soldier and watching Them to Battle and From The island after he Die and he apears From The Prison amd Trying to breach to The Prison Gate and Try Reavenge in The ICF who kill him and now  some Horde of zombie are atacking from The Hero after He died some of zombies die from all area causing all zombies to be extinct.



Reaper is a

tack is similar from Butcher and Bloated doctor.