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Really Gnawty is the fourth boss in Donkey Kong Country and the boss of Gorilla Glacier located in the boss level Really Gnawty Rampage.

In the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version, he was a red color swap of Very Gnawty, however this changed in the Game Boy Advance remake where he is now blue.

At first, he is fought in a fashion similar to his palette swap, Very Gnawty. However, after the first hit, Really Gnawty will do a really high leap, easily scraping the arena ceiling, and try to land on the Kongs. He will then jump around faster and longer distances. When he is hit again, he will leap again, and when he lands he will jump around normally at a faster pace, and so on until his defeat.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, not much has changed aside from the fact that instead of doing a high pouncing leap after each hit, he will jump to the far right or left side of the arena, causing stalagmites to fall. He will be laughing mockingly and will be invincible until all the stalagmites fall.

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