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The first Razor-Fist was an assassin, bodyguard, and enforcer employed by Carlton Velcro, working at Velcro's estate on the coast of the Gulf of Lions, southern France. Velcro surgically replaced this man's hands with steel blades. Razor Fist battled Shang-Chi, and was accidentally shot to death by Carlton Velcro's guards.

Doctor Doom later constructed two robot duplicates of Razor Fist, which he pitted against Shang-Chi.

Douglas Scott (Earth-616) from Toxin Vol 1 1

When William Scott and his brother battled Shang-Chi, he was defeated and captured by Shang-Chi and Pavane. Sometime after Douglas Scott was killed, Willam (the current Razor Fist) lost his other hand. When he came up against Colleen Wing, she managed to sever his hand.

Razor-Fist later appeared with blades on both hands, instead of just the one. He teamed with Zaran and Shockwave to attack the West Coast Avengers on behalf of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Deltites. Razor Fist was defeated by Mockingbird, but he escaped.

Later, he began working for the crime-lord Roche in Madripoor, was assigned to kill Wolverine. With the assistance of a mutant pseudo-vampire, he overpowered Wolverine and was able to knock the weakened Wolverine off a cliff. The mutant, Sapphire Styx, had drained all of Wolverine's strength with her vampiric powers. When next they fought, Wolverine barely beat him and appeared to kill him. Razor Fist's recovery from this seemingly fatal encounter has never been explained.

Fully recovered, Razor Fist fought Hawkeye in an attempt to collect a reward for Hawkeye's right arm from Crossfire. He was defeated by Hawkeye, but joined in Crossfire's mass attack on Hawkeye. He was defeated by Mockingbird again and taken into police custody.

Razor Fist was also apparently killed by Elektra when he attempted to claim a bounty that had been put on her head. As with his previous apparent death his survival has not been explained. When he next appeared, battling Spider-Man, he had a set of cybernetic prostheses with blades attached. These were severed and broken by another martial artist named Cat. After this encounter Razor Fist was sent to prison.

In the wake of the great supervillain breakout in the pages of New Avengers, Razor Fist escaped along with all the other villains. He has recently appeared in the Toxin miniseries. There, he replaced both of his prosthetic hands with actual razors, and attracted a group of young children who are victims of self-harm. He was then easily defeated by the hero and returned to prison.

Razor Fist since been hired by the Hood to take advantage of the split in the superhero community caused by the Superhuman Registration Act. He later attacked the Enforcers, and Mister Fear's other bodyguards. The fight is interrupted by Daredevil who takes out Wrecker and Razor Fist who is also working for the Hood, unintentionally allowing the Enforcers to escape. He helped them fight the New Avengers but was taken down by Dr. Strange.

In Secret Invasion, he is among the many supervillains who rejoined the Hood's crime syndicate and attacked an invading Skrull force. He joins with the Hood's gang in an attack on the New Avengers, who were expecting the Dark Avengers instead.

When the Dark Avengers were overwhelmed by the hero's during the Siege of Asgard, Razor-Fist and the rest of the Hood's gang intercepted them. He later attacked a civilian who was buried beneath the rubble but was beaten by both of the Captain Americas.

William Scott (Earth-616) 00010

Called Razor-Fist because of his fast punches, this man and his brother took the same title and pretended to be only one person. Each brother lost one hand in a car accident, which were subsequently replaced by long knife-like stabbing weapons by Carlton Velcro. Velcro employed the brothers at his mansion on an island in the Marquesas. The brothers were assigned by Velcro to hunt down Shang-Chi and Pavane. This Razor-Fist was accidentally shot to death by Velcro.

Marco San Antonio Earth-616

Marco San Antonio wanted to join the Avengers, so he devised a plan. He and his girlfriend Estelle would take down Thor, who now being powerless, he believed would be an easy pushover. The Avengers would then take him in, and having taken down Thor would make his reputation. His plan had several major flaws, not the least of which, Thor was no longer powerless. But Thor saw potential in them, and took them to Central Park where they helped him take down two rival gangs, with police caught in the middle.

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