Razor Cut was a Marvel supervillain and a member of the superhuman gang, Trash - Razor Cut was the most criminal of the gang and actually enjoyed being a villain: unlike the others, who were largely doing what they needed to survive.
With the rest of Trash, Razor Cut ran drugs for the Garbage Man. This led to a confrontation with Power Pack. Razor was in the building when Blasting Cap blew it up, but survived unscathed.
The Garbage Man beat the team for losing a crackhouse in their battle with Power Pack, then sent them on another mission. After the team led Power Pack back to Garbage Man's warehouse, they managed to knock out the heroes, but refused Garbage Man's order to kill them. Garbage Man fought Trash and were joined by Power Pack. Together the teams knocked out the Garbage Man and destroyed his base. Power Pack tried to convince Trash to change their ways, but Razor Cut was the least receptive to the idea.
Working out of Chicago now, the team ran into Luke Cage and fought with him until the people of the neighborhood united and chased the gang away.
Trash approached Troop offering him membership in their gang to help take down Cage. The team went to Rapidfire and arranged to work for him, getting guns with armor piecring rounds that could kill Cage. They set up an ambush, but Troop warned Cage and things got chaotic. Thor Kid hurt Crazy Legs after he refused to shoot Cage, so Razor Cut stabbed him with his hand. This upset Blasting Cap, who caused the building to explode. Razor Cut was not shown to leave, but would easily have survived.