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No, that beast had eluded us for far too long. It would have been a shame to end him too quickly. It’s ironic, really; the “great Janos Audron” turned out to be no challenge at all... thanks to you. Did you hear his cowardly screams when I tore that black heart out of his carcass?
~ Raziel

Raziel is one of the villains and last boss from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2.


Raziel was one of the Sarafan Inquisitors and second in command after Malek. As a Sarafan, he ruthlessly hunted down the vampires from Nosgoth. As ordered by Moebius, he was to find a kill Janos Audron, the very first vampire, and retrieve his heart. Janos secluded himself in a retreat high up on a mountain, inaccessible to anyone.

However, Moebius hinted to them that a creature would seek Janos and open the way to him. This “creature” was none other than the wraith Raziel, that came from the future seeking for answers. The wraith opens the way to the retreat and meets with Janos, unaware that he had been followed all along. Janos teleports him to another room, as the Sarafan Inquisitors break up on the place.

When the wraith Raziel finally manages to unseal the door, he watches when the Sarafan Raziel cuts Janos's chest and takes his heart. They run away to the Sarafan Stronghold, so the wraith Raziel goes after them, being stopped on the way by countless demons. When he finally arrives, he is tricked by Moebius and forced to grab the Reaver blade. He is then challenged by the Sarafan Inquisitor and defeats them all, finally facing his human self. The two argue, and wraith Raziel gets angry by the Sarafan Raziel's taunts, slaying him with the Reaver after a epic fight.

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