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Razer is the flamboyant champion racer who is the second in command of Mizo and the secondary antagonist of Jak X: Combat Racing.


Championship Racer

Razor was a professional racer who won many championships before he retired. After which, he joined the crime lord known as Mizo.

The Bar

Razer saw Daxter talk about his story to Edje, Cutter and Shiv. Razer planned to kill Daxter with a knife. However, Jak arrived just in time to rescue Dax.

Losing The Championship

Razer retired yet again during the Blue Eco Cup.


Razer is very flamboyant. He has feminine traits such as a posh voice, talking with his hands and smokes a cigarette every time he appears.


  • "My, my. Sounds like the city's terribly dangerous."
  • "Sounds like they had you dead to ice. How did you survive?"
  • "Really? You know, people at this town have a way of getting in over their heads... like at the bottom of the ocean."
  • "My, my. I finally get to meet the great racer, Jak."
  • "Razer rules the race!"


  • Some Jak fans consider Razer full of homophobic stereotypes due to his mannerisms.
  • Razer's cigarette smoking contributed to Jak X's T-Rating.

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