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Rayzah is a villainess in the 2014 movie Brick Mansions. She is played by Ayisha Issa.


Rayzah is a leading member (if not the leader) of a criminal gang that rules a dangerous urban neighbourhood in near-future Detroit. She is prone to violent and cruel behaviour. She and a crew try to capture the rogue Lino who stole their drugs. As he managed to escape Tremaine ordered them to go after someone close to him. Lola the girlfriend of Lino gets taken hostage by the mob on the orders of drug kingpin Tremaine, and she quickly becomes the preferred target of Rayzah’s sadism. Assigned to guard the captive, Rayzah takes full advantage of the situation by molesting and humiliating Lola as she prepares to torture her. As Lola escapes the two have a brief fight but Rayzah overpowers her again. As she wants to torture Ola she gets stopped by Tremaine Having subdued her prisoner, she leads her by a chain around her neck on a rooftop. Tremaine gets turned by Damien and Lino who convinces him the mayor wants to blow up the neighbourhood. Rayzah gets angry and shoots at Temaine. During the chaos Lola jumps on her and wraps her thighs around her neck. Rayzah hangs from the building being held only by the legs of Lola. Despite her pleading Lola drops her and she falls down several stores and probably dies.


Rayzah is something of a dominatrix and seems to take joy in controlling her victims. She took great joy in humiliating and molesting Lola. When Lola attacked her she took control of Lola and taunted her even licking her cheek to humiliate her more. When Tremaine betrayed her she quickly turned on him and tried to kill him.


Rayzah is a skilled sniper as she was seen taking out sentries with precision shots with a long distance rifle. She seems highly skilled in the art of torture and BDSM as she prepared various tools to toy with the captured Lola.

A athletic and strong fighter Rayzah had no problem overpowering Lola even when caught by suprise. She used grappling holds and pins to subdue Lola and punish her without much effort.  However when Lola managed to suprise her with a jumping takedown Rayzah had no time to impose her physical superiority and skills over her weaker opponent and was thrown off the building.

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