Raymond Villard

Raymond Villard is a French criminal who is the main antagonist of the film Money Talks. He was seen in a prison transport unit being handcuffed to Franklin Hatchett. While Villard's mercenaries were attacking the transport unit bus on the bridge, the bus collapsed, killing all the prisoners and police inside, with Villard and Hatchett being the only two left alive and the two escape on a helicopter. After having a conversation with another French criminal, they planned to kill Hatchet. Soon, Villard kidnaps James Russell and demands Hatchett to give him back his stolen diamonds or else Russel will die. Later on during a massive shootout, Franklin drops the diamonds to Villard's men, as they all try grabbing for it. The police arrive, while Villard tries to escape in the helicopter, but while trying to take off with the helicopter, the grenades Russell placed their before had erupt as he lifts off the ground and kills Villard.