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Raymond Tango is a self-proclaimed "worse cop"and one of the protagonists in the 1989 hit movie Tango & Cash.

He was portrayed by Sylvester Stallone.

It's a classic case of police brutality glorified. Though he is the hero of this movie, it's the nature of his acts and his enjoyment of it that earns him a villain status. When they take Requin, one of Yves Perret's henchman, and interrogate, Tango has a plan B that is more sadistic than Cash's plan. Whether Cash can be described as a villain is at question right now (the very fact that he fooled Requin into thinking he was gonna save him from Tango) might very well. Tango decides to put a bomb on Requin's mouth to blow him up, and he sadistically enjoys trying to hurt him. The only thing stopping him is that Requin wants to talk. But while he's trying to blow him up he enjoys it.

While hunting for Yves Perret at his hideout, he shows worries for his sister Catherine who was captured off camera by Perret's gang. After a brutal fight and having no option but to kill Perret, he and Cash save Catherine and escape.

You're supposed to root for Tango (I get that), but he's still a villain in the definition of the term. He's a sadist. He's no better than Requin or Perret.

His surname is an Italian one of Germanic origin. Germanic countries had some of the most cruel empires (notably Denmark with Greenland, Israel too—in ancient and modern times, Britain if you consider Britain Germanic; though unlike Tango, they were just doing what most empires at the time did; Tango just enjoys hurting people to get what he wants).

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