The only power I believe in comes outta the barrel of a gun.
~ Ray Zephro

Ray Zephro is a minor antagonist in the 1996 film The Phantom.

He is portrayed by Joseph Ragno.


Ray is the older brother of Charlie Zephro and the head of the Zephro crime family. He has various business dealings with Xander Drax, and often does favors off the books for the businessman. However, he often disagreed with Drax on matters of principle.

He and Charlie were present at a meeting wherein Drax revealed his intention to use the Skulls of Touganda to take over the world. Ray objected to this on a variety of grounds, first and foremost being that Drax only had one of the three Skulls. Drax attempted to reassure him that he knew the location of the second, and that, when brought together, the first two would point the way to the third, but Ray continued to object, this time on moral grounds. Having once been an altar boy, he disliked all of Drax's talk about "forces of darkness" and how God was dead.

Ultimately, he was skeptical of the entire affair, and decided to cut his ties with Drax. As he turned to go, though, vowing to take his entire syndicate with him, Drax grabbed an African spear decorating the wall and threw it at Ray's back, impaling the crime boss with it and killing him.