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Ray Erickson was an escaped convict and a selective subject to Dr. Jennifer Allen's program who turned mutation after an incident in the 2005 Sci-fi original television movie Mansquito.

He was portrayed by Matthew Austin Jordon.

The Escape and Transformation

Ray Erickson was a gunslinging bandit who was in charge of the murder count of 15 people before one man was able to stop him and bring him to justice, Lt Thomas "Tom" Randall (played by Corin Nemec) arrested Ray and sentenced him to first degree murder and on death roll until company owner Dr.bowman of the barron's research facility offers him a chance to attend the program on searching for a cure for the mysterious Gillian viral infection spreading throughout south America and Erickson accepts. While being transferred to the lab Erickson begins using this advantage as a ruse to break free of his captors backs and escape. As the convict arrived at the phaermeticals compound, Erickson managed to unlock his handcuffs and launches an assault on the guards killing the entire staff and take Jennifer Allen's collegue hostage. As Allen failed to pry the doors to the experiment room, Ray shot and killed the hostage in cold blood frightening Jennifer and she begins to struggle from Erikson's grips until the backup staff arrived and launched another shootout with Erickson until suddently a gas canister gets hit and the genetically altered mosquitos that were being tested on explode in a chemical bound imploded explosion showering Erickson with the contents including the mosquitos injuring him severely. Ray fled the scene through a sewage drain and crawled in a drive through garage where the transformation occurs, his arm begins showing side effects of bone fracture and the entire left arm becomes what appears to be the left hand appendage of a mosquito. Erickson makes way to his former girlfriend's home where the mutation continues rapidly. As Ray's ex returns, the two acquired a short anxious conversation before another transformation is triggered resulting in Erickson physically re-emerging as a creature standing at an unspecified grosteque height, his body becoming much more larger and his gender complex between Part Man and Part giant mosquito. Erickson(now considered as Mansquito) corners and jabbed his mosquito inner bloodsucking straw tongue into his girlfriend's throat and drains her dry before he take off into the dark shadowy streets in search for more variety of prey lined up for a new selective food chain of murder.


Mansquito aka Mosquito Man (trailer)01:44

Mansquito aka Mosquito Man (trailer)