People aren't always what they appear to be. Don't forget that.
~ Ray Luquete to Suzy

Ray Duquette is the protagonist villain of the 1998 movie, Wild Things.

He was played by Kevin Bacon, who also portrays Sean Nokes, Bobby Hayes, Sebastian Caine, Jacques, Sebastian Shaw, Wade, and Joe Hickey.


Kelly's mom, Sandra Van Ryan goes to police detectives, Ray Duquette and Gloria Perez after she finds out that Sam Lombardo raped Kelly. Shortly thereafter both cops Ray and Perez are assigned to the case. Then they interview Suzie Toller, who tells them about her encounter with Sam and says he said, "no little bitch can ever make me come," implying that he raped her.

At the trial, Sam's attorney, Kenneth Bowden confronts Suzie and threatens to make sure she goes to jail if she doesn't admit the truth of what happened. She chooses to tell the truth by saying that Sam didn't rape her and that she and Kelly made it all up to get revenge on Sam for things he did in the past. Then Sam is given 8.5 million dollars in a settlement with Sandra Van Ryan. Ray is convinced that there's more to this thinking this a game orchestrated by the trio, Sam, Kelly, and Suzie to get rich and get payback on Sandra. 

Sure enough, he finds out that he's correct as he interviews Kelly and Suzie and keeps an eye on Sam. Then he goes after Kelly, gets into it with her, and the net result is Kelly is killed. Saying it was self-defense, no charges are filed against him but he's dismissed from the force and loses his pension. Later it turns out that Sam and Ray had planned everything and had been working together the whole time.

Sam is angry that Ray murdered Kelly instead of just merely framing her. Then they go fishing on Sam's sailboat. While on board they get into a fight and Suzie, back from the dead, shoots Ray in his leg with a spear gun for being responsible for the death of her friend, Davie. Then Ray falls overboard, drowns, and dies. 


  • Despite being revealed to have a part in the scheme and being in league with Sam Lombardo, he is essentially the main protagonist of the film, as most of the film revolves around him trying to crack the scheme, or so it seems to the audience.