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Raymond "Ray" Donovan was born in South Boston and is the second son of Mickey Donovan. Ray did not have an easy childhood, he and his younger brother were molested by a priest causing serious psychological damage to both of them and their father Micky didn't believe them until it was far too late, this was especially damaging to Ray as he hadn't told anyone else about the event. Also his sister Bridget committed suicide while he was young and while their mother was dying Mickey was having an affair with a woman named Claudette leading to the birth of his half-brother Daryl.

Once Ray was an adult he eventually married a woman named Abigail and they now have two children, a daughter named Bridget and a son named Conor, eventually (after getting his father sent to prison) Ray and his family moved to Los Angeles where Ray now owns a controlling share in his older brother Terry's boxing gym and primarily works as a fixer which mostly revolves around covering up actions committed by the rich and famous that they wish to avoid coming public due too embarrassment or outright illegality.

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