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I said settle down, you worthless piece of dog $**t! I asked you nice, didn't I?
~ Ray to Max after knocking him out with his shovel.

Ray was a minor antagonist in Man's Best Friend. He was the former owner and mechanic of Ray's Used Auto Parts.



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In Man's Best Friend

In the film, Ray is the owner of a junkyard that Lori takes Max too but after Max is heard barking for her, Ray hits him over the head knocking him unconscious and chained him up. But Max regained consciousness and attacked Ray but luckily for Ray the chain held Max back. Until it got broken then Max charged towards Ray and bit his crotch so hard that it bled.

Soon, Ray was taken to hospital and did not appear for the rest of the film. It can be assumed that he had been killed by Max.


At first, Ray appeared to be an understanding, nice person. However, after Lori left, it was revealed that Ray was actually an animal abuser as he hurt Max behind Lori's back.


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