Rawk HawkPM
Remember: When life rocks you, RAWK back!
~ Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk is a character in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door who serves as a boss and the secondary antagonist of Chapter 3.


Rawk Hawk used to be a jerk who just wanted to win and keep his position as champion even if he had to cheat and hurt others to achieve it. After the defeat of Macho Grubba he became less of a jerk although he was still one....


Rawk Hawk is wrestler in the Glitz Pit who is the supposed champion. He is adored by many people and because of this he has a real attitude problem. He's a villain because he tried to poison Mario when he was still ranking high. And when that didn't work he tried to make it look like Mario or the "Great Gonzales" as Grubba preferred to call him had ran away from their fight. Mario and his party finally battles him and gives Rawk Hawk a lesson in the process. However, though Rawk Hawk was defeated and Mario was the new champion, they still had to found the Crystal Star which was all this time in Grubba's hands. Rawk Hawk is seen again when Bowser and Kammy Koopa are looking for the Crystal Stars, Rawk Hawk gets angered because of Bowser and Kammy Koopa invading his room but gets easily defeated by Bowser after all. He is last seen during the final fight against the Shadow Queen giving his blessing to Mario along with all the people in Glitzville.