In mythology, the raven can be depicted as a hero. However, he is eventually depicted as a villain in the Pacific Northwestern stories known as "Raven Tales".

Notable Examples

Raven Steals the Moon

Raven with Moon

This depiction of the bird is known to be half-villainous and half-heroic in this animated short. The raven comes alive to steal a small point of light at night. Soon, he gets halted by a wolf to release the small point of light. However, the raven refuses to. This made the wolf go into a rampage.

He soon flew into the lake, which made an orca appear. The orca tried to attack the selfish bird without warning, which made him escape into the mountain. He gets asked by an eagle about saying that only him can do something notorious. He is suggested by the eagle to release the moon.

When Raven Stole the Moon01:53

When Raven Stole the Moon

Raven Steals the Light

In some versions of the story, the raven was attacked by an eagle without getting a notice. This could be an example why the bird has the light in his beak. Many of the Haida people would have warned the raven for flying away with the light, which is considered thieving.

Raven Tales: The Animated Series

  • Bald Eagle: The raven is known for interrupting the stories told by the eagle. This notable depiction could have been breaking promises to be quiet.

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