Raven Mercenaries 1

Raven before her heel turn

Donna "Raven" Ravena was a former CIA agent and a minor villainess in the 2014 film, Mercenaries.

She was played by Vivica A. Fox.

Raven was one of the four female inmates recruited to take part in a mission to rescue, Elise, the daughter of the President of the United States, who was held captive by villainous megalomaniac Ulrika. She was with the CIA, but she turned against them and became a hit woman, and she was serving time for killing a CIA agent on one of her jobs. While at the war zone, Raven enters herself into a poker game with three of Ulrika's henchmen, and kills two of them while holding the lead henchman, Grigori Babishkov, down and offering to make a deal with him and Ulrika. After the group rescues Elise, Raven turned heel and KO'ed Mei-Lin, while revealing that she has aligned with Ulrika—becoming her new "Ministry of Tourism." After recapturing Elise, the evil Raven places a gun to her head as she's confronted by Cassandra, who had a bomb strapped to her waist, which forced Raven and Ulrika to give up Elise. Raven was killed during a high-speed pursuit, when Mei-Lin flies her plane and pushes Raven's vehicle into another one, causing a massive explosion.