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Murcio sends a rattlesnake to guard the mountains from being trespassed by the three kings. It serves as a minor antagonistic role in the 1976 animated film Los Tres Reyes Magos.


When Melchor tries to pass the mountains of Arizona, the rattlesnake stops him from doing so. Murcio tells the snake to get rid of Melchor. Melchor was unable to defeat it, so his horse starts to wrestle the angry snake. By so, the horse kicks the snake into rocks on a wall to cause a rockslide in order to kill it. It didn't work. The snake gets very angry and starts to strangle the horse. Murcio prompts it to do more strangling on his horse. Listening to Murcio, the snake didn't kill the horse. It was Melchor who threw a knife and killed the snake.

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