Rattfink is the archenemy of Roland in Roland and Rattfink.


The many attempts by the evil, mustachioed Rattfink to ruin his good time. The cartoons were surprisingly off-beat and painted the two characters as extreme polar opposites. Roland seemed to parody the peace-loving, 'Make Love, Not War,' long-haired 'good guy' as a gentle, kind, and soft-hearted youth. Rattfink was, however, a cynical, mischievous, negative and malicious man (appearing older than Roland) out to destroy anything happy or positive.

Roland and Rattfink were both voiced by the late Lennie Weinrib (except in "The Deadwood Thunderball" where they were voiced by John Byner and Dave Barry).

Hurts and Flowers (one long, running joke about Rattfink destroying Roland's daisies) concluded with Rattfink getting killed and Roland leaving daisies on his grave. When Roland walked away, Rattfink's ghost rose from the grave to throw the flowers at him. Seventeen cartoons were produced.