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Rats (left), Greg and Gris

Rats is an inhabitant of Mortlake and an antagonist in the 2012 film Inbred.

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He is a friend of Gris and Greg, who attack Tim and Sam and later helps to restrain Zeb and Dwight for their appearance in front of the audience. It is only after the show that Jim asks where Gris has gone, to which Rats says he has gone after the other outsiders. This annoys Jim, although Rats explains that Gris didn’t want to stop the show. Rats accompanies other locals to apprehend the outsiders, although when they are at the house, Jim sends him inside with a rifle to bring the outsiders out. Although he finds Kate, she tricks him and stabs his knee with a knife and Tim knocks him outside, which greatly annoys Jim. Tim then point a rifle at him from outside, and Rats begs Jim to help him.

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Although Jim tells Tim it is useless to waste his bullets, Tim nonetheless fires his rifle, shooting Rats. Jim suddenly turns and fires his rifle, blowing Rats in half. Jim later comments that it is not worth paying their respects to Rats, to which Podge agrees, calling him a ‘knob head’

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