Rath'tab is a marrillian creature.


Rath'tab has taken on a vaguely humanoid from. He glows in shades of watery blue, with his blank, white eyes the only exception.


He frowns upon proponents of Mugic and does everything in his power to remove Mugic from the M'arrillian Tribe. He believes that one should only rely on the mind.

As a Chieftain among the M'arrillian Tribe, Rath'tab has led numerous forces into combat during the M'arrillian invasion. While his personal goals have focused on eliminating the use of Mugic from throughout Perim, he is also committed to M'arrillian dominance.

In Chaotic battles he has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. His followers are loyal to him, and he is loyal to Aa'une the Oligarch. Rath'tab firmly believed in the M'arrillians' invasion goals, and was pleased to contribute what he could to the great battles that have consumed Perim.

It is unknown what, if any, weaknesses this mighty Warrior might have.