Rasconza is an anthropomorphic fox and a secondary antagonist in the Redwall series book, The Pearls of Lutra. He never actually antagonizes the heroes, but his evil actions throughout the book label him a villain.


Rasconza was the only corsair fox to ever visit Sampetra Island, domain of Emperor Ublaz Mad Eyes. He was originaly the bosun on the ship Bloodkeel, and helped in the corsair revolt against the tyrannical Ublaz. Rasconza was a very sly, devious, and manipulative creature, and after most of the rebelling captains were slain in battle, he secretly murdered their surviving leader, Barranca, and blamed it on Ublaz's forces, thus becoming the new and only leader of the restistance.

Rasconza and Ublaz were evenly matched on the level of cunning, and each tried to outdo the other in an ongoing battle of wits, of which Rasconza won more often. In one attempt to end the war, Ublaz made Rasconza Captain In Chief of all of his corsair fleet, and sent him out on a plunder voyage. But Ublaz had secretly sabotaged the ship, and it was wrecked out at sea. However, Rasconza survived, along with only one of his crew members, and returned to Sampetra to rally all of the corsairs and go into full-on battle with Ublaz's troops.

When Grath Longfletch, Martin II, and the other heroes arrived on the island, they set fire to Rasconza's fleet while his army, the Wave Bretheren, was away laying siege to Ublaz's castle. The corsairs deserted to save their ships, while Rasconza tried to stop them. The only one who didn't desert was Sagitar Sawfang, one of Ublaz's former lieutenants who had betrayed him and joined Rasconza. The fox decided that she had betrayed him too, and mortally wounded her with a thrown dagger. As she lay dying, she whispered something to him, and he made the mistake of leaning over to hear. She then stabbed him with her trident, killing him instantly.

Rasconza was extremely intelligent and cunning, and was an expert knife-thrower, having at least ten blades on him at all times. He was reletivaly hospitable and genial to his corsair henchmen, giving them proper rations and respect, as they were fellow Wave Bretheren.