Rascalov family

The Rascalov Family

The Rascalov Family was one of the four family of the russian mafia and the main group of antagonists in GTA IV. It was formed of what was left of the Faustin Family after the death of Mikhail Faustin.

Dimitri after Faustin's death asked Niko Bellic to meet him at the East Hook warehouse where he and his partner and enemy of Niko Ray Bulgarin tried to kill him but Niko with Little Jacob's help was able to survive the ambush but failed to kill Dimitri or Bulgarin and he later burned down Niko's cousin Roman Bellic apartment and cab depot. Later Lost MC member Ashley Butler owed Dimitri money and he used this advantage by forcing President Johnny Klebitz to kidnap Roman and bring him to the Bohan Warehouse where he tried to lure Niko into a death trap but Niko survived and rescued Roman.

Some time later Dimitri allied himself with the Ancelotti crime family and on their orders started blackmailing Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins about his gay affair with Bernie Crane in order to try and get him to put city contracts up for tender. But Niko who was friends with Bernie was able to kill the Blackmailers and protect Bernie from another killing attempt from Dimitri. Soon Dimitri heard about a diamond exchange at Charge Island between Niko and Luis Lopez (who was also an enemy of Bulgarin) and informed Bulgarin of the deal. Later Dimitri offered to buy some Heroin off the Pegorino crime family and their leader Jimmy Pegorino asked Niko to to the deal. But Niko soon learns that Dimitri is on a boat in East Hook from Roman.

The Favorite Radio Station Of The Rascalov Family Is Vladivostok FM. Which Is Also A Favorite Of The Faustin Family, Bulgarin Family And Dimitri Rascalov.


  • Deal - Niko and Phil Bell go to do the deal but Dimitri betrays Niko again by killing the buyer's representives making Niko and Bell fight their way to get the money. Dimitri then sends a hitman to Roman's wedding to kill Niko but instead kills Roman. Niko and Jacob find Dimitri and Pegorino at the Alderney Casino. Niko enters the casino where Dimitri kills Pegorino and attempts to escape by heli but crash lands on Happiness Island where Niko finally kills Dimitri.
  • Revenge - Niko goes to the Platypus fights his way to the cargo hold and kills Dimitri. Niko later kills Pegorino on Happiness Island.

In either choice the gang disolves and the Bulgarin Family steals the heroin.