The Rascal Rabbit is a bale (Monster) and the de-facto mascot of the Korean MMORPG Seal Online.


The Rascal Rabbit is a white rabbit with a bloody cleaver and a leering smile. It also has visible buttocks based on the textures and later artwork. Unlike real rabbits, Rascal Rabbits are carnivorous and can mention on eating the player when fought.

There are enchanted, giant, dummy, gladiator, and zombie variants of them.


Regulars Rascal Rabbits appear in beginner maps. Giant Rascal Rabbits are enocuntered in certain maps but rarely appear along with Rascal Rabbits. The Rascal Rabbit Gladiator are fire elemental enemies that are far stronger than the regular and giant variants. Zombie Rascal Rabbbits are even much stronger than others. Rascal Rabbits tend to drop their fur and cleaver as loot, and stronger variants drop Rascal Rabbit costume pieces as equipments.

There are also Dummy Rascal Rabbits found in town but they are stationery so they can't move and attack, but have extremely high defense and high health and tell players on successful key combos. Despite of their menacing appearance, not all Rascal Rabbits are completely evil. A Rascal Rabbit on the lower right corner of the screen (If it is enabled in the options and the player is not equipping any pet) will tell players tips. Few Rascal Rabbits (They may be constumes) appear as event NPCs as well. A love couple of Rascal Rabbits prominently appear in official artwork.