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is a servant of Emperor Nogo, and the secondary antagonist of Glitter Force. He has the appearance of a sinister jester.


Rascal transformed the pixies Ricky, Rufus, and Margie, mistreated for being fairy tale villains in their story, into Nogo's servants Ulric, Brute, and Brooha, and usually let them gather negative energy for Nogo to release him from his imprisonment while he would stay in the shadows and search for the Miracle Jewel, intending to destroy it to plunge the world into despair.

At one point, Rascal gave the other minions blue noses that could be used to create Buffoons immune to the Glitter Force's powers, though they gained a combined attack that could be used to destroy these Buffoons.

When the Glitter Force got all the Glitter Charms, Rascal stole 15 of them and kidnapped Candy, whom he suspected had something to do with the Miracle Jewel after witnessing her power up the Glitter Force against the blue-nose Buffoons. Rascal interrogated Candy and realized she was clueless about the Miracle Jewel. When the Glitter Force came to rescue her, Rascal fought Glitter Breeze, who defeated him, supposedly killing him.

At the beginning of Season 2, it's revealed that Rascal survived. After retrieving the egg Nogo was sealed inside following his second defeat, Rascal put together noses for creating Super Buffoons. He would encounter the Glitter Force occasionally, and later coated noses in darkness to create Twilight Buffoons, many of which would simply be controlled by Ulric, Brooha, and Brute. During their quest to defeat the Glitter Force and gather dark energy for Nogo, Rascal would often tell them that Nogo was angry with their repeated failures against the Glitter Force.

At one point, Rascal trapped Candy inside a dream ball, trapping her in a dream world of endless fun that she would never want to leave, but she broke free of it much to his shock. Rascal trapped the Glitter Force inside the dream ball as well, but they were also able to escape.

Near the end of the season, Rascal told Ulric, Brute, and Brooha that Nogo was so angry with their failure that he'd have them turned back into pixies if they failed again, and had them attack one of the Glitter Force individually while separated from the others, all, including Rascal, attacking the one who defeated them during the first revival of Nogo. During Rascal's rematch with Glitter Breeze, he summoned an unusually sentient Twilight Buffoon, eventually merging with it to swordfight Breeze, but she defeated him with her new Ultra Power, and the Glitter Force destroyed the Twilight Buffoon, with Rascal separating from it seconds before.

Rascal gave Ulric, Brute, and Brooha one last chance and gave them the power to transform into Twilight versions of themselves, but Glitter Lucky purified them back into pixies. Having obtained enough negative energy to turn the Wheel of Doom for the last time, Rascal took the last Glitter Charm and created the Shadow Glitter Force, shadow clones of the Glitter Force, then had them fight their dark counterarts each in a different dimension.

As Candy appeared to be the Miracle Jewel, Rascal tried to kill her, until Queen Euphoria projected from the Royal Clock and revealed Candy to be her daughter. Realizing that Candy was simply placed inside the jewel to protect her, Rascal decided it wasn't worth his time to destroy her, as she was neither the real Miracle Jewel nor did he perceive her to be a threat to Nogo, and instead drained energy from Earth to give to Nogo. When the Glitter Force destroyed the Shadow Force and returned to Earth, Rascal appeared shocked, but then revealed that his plan to release Nogo was still coming along, and sacrificed himself to complete Nogo's revival, melting into a puddle of black paint which Nogo absorbed to return to power.


  • Rascal is similar to Dimentio from Super Paper Mario: Both are an evil, sadistic jester with a dark sense of humor who are the most mysterious and initially least-encountered of the main villain's minions, but are the most evil and dangerous of the minions, and the only ones to die rather than turn good (O'Chunks and Mimi didn't seem bad-natured and were merely loyal to Count Bleck, where Ulric, Brute, and Brooha were mistreated, leading them to be transformed into Nogo's minions).
    • Ironically, while Dimentio was pretending to follow Bleck only to usurp him and indirectly bring about his death with his final act, Rascal was the exact opposite, as he was so fanatically loyal to Nogo that his final act was to sacrifice himself for him.
  • His Japanese name is Joker. He was possibly inspired by the Joker from Batman.
  • He shares many similarities to Nogo, likely because he is the only one of Nogo's minions to actually originate as such.
  • Rascal did not consider Candy to be a threat to Nogo even after learning that she was the future queen of Jubiland, but ironically, Candy is the reason the Glitter Force defeated Nogo in the end.

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