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This parody of Rarity appears in the episodic video series by hotdiggedydemon following crude parodic Ren and Stimpy–esque versons of the normally sweet hearted main characters from the real show.

She was voiced by Arin Hanson, better known as Egoraptor.


Rarity in DRESS.MOV is fat, greedy, racist, abusive, disgusting, and spoke with an exaggerated British accent. She also had dollar signs as her cutie mark in replacement of her real cutiemark, three diamonds, to further alienate her from the Rarity of the real series. However at the end of SWAG.MOV, Rarity is possible to be more motherly and kind.


After Twilight fails to get Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash to help her find the Elements of Harmony to stop a rampaging Discord, (who is suddenly more manly and even more demonic then how the show portrays him) she turns to Rarity, who insists she can't, and that she's attending to "family matters." The lie is exposed when Twilight squeezes her head out of Rarity's mail slot to find out that she has enslaved over 30 illegal Mexican immigrants to make dresses and clothes for her business. Rarity tries to innocently explain that they are in fact her family, which is further illustrated to be another lie as Twilight Sparkle takes a look at posters that say "Rarity is watching you," and watches Rarity whip the migrants occassionally.  Rarity tries to pass off her abusive behavior as "pretend" to dismiss Twilight's concerns, again exposing this as another falsehood when she states they're not allowed to leave the sweatshop. Twilight questions the morality of this, then suddenly makes a stupid face. Rarity responds with a racial insult by saying Mexicans aren't real people.

Dress mov by niban destikim-d4rgaz4

compairison to the real rarity, and the imiatater.

She can also be shown to break a child's fingers for talking about his aching fingers from making a lot of dresses, then Rarity tries to pass it off as an act of generosity, as is her supposed Element of Harmony. She walks torwards a mirror to brag about herself, then a Mexican girl walks up to her claiming thirst, only to have Rarity respond by hacking up spit and then giving to the girl to drink. The girl asks if she or the other mexicans are ever going be paid, only to have Rarity pretend that she didn't understood what the girl said. Rarity slams the door open on the still stuck Twilight to see Fluttershy, then gives the dress to Flutthershy. She brags again how "generous" she is, only to be captured by an abnormally large Mexican man, who says "re - vo - lu- ción." Rarity responds by claiming she didn't understood what he said, so the man clarifies that it means revolution, to Rarity's dismay. The Angry Mexican man takes her in to the sweatshop to then have encourage the other Mexicans to attack her.


When Rarity was still being held captive, she lost her hair and tail and the Mexicans wrote the word, "PERRA" (BITCH) on her chest and a penis on her forehead. She was able to escape them when they were asleep. After that, she saw the time-reversing sonic rainboom performed by Rainbow-Titan (who was in a coma). Rarity appears with her friends watching the battle of Rainbow Dash and Discord. After getting wiped up by Discord's blood after the fight he had with Rainbow-Titan, she heard that Paco sweared and she reprimanded him (possibly showing that she's going to be more motherly to him).

She later visited Rainbow at the hospital with the others telling to Rainbow that what she did was very generous and later, she joined the group hug when they were all together again. she is last seen with her friends watching Applejack eating all the apples of Sweet Apple Acres. ("SWAG.MOV")