Raquelle is a character from the Barbie franchise, and the enemy of the titular protagonist. She even made appearance in two films as a secondary antagonist, but has a greater emphasis on webcartoon Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse in which she is the main villain.

She is a rich, arrogant and preppy girl who envies the popularity of Barbie since they met in childhood and lives trying to compete against her to be better than Barbie, even if she never succeeds ,she Is often seen trying to seduce Ken, Barbie's boyfriend to make him her boyfriend in an attempt to thwart Barbie. At the end of the movie Barbie: A Fairy Secret she becomes friends with Barbie, but it's unknown what happened to Raquelle after the film.

In Life in the Dreamhouse Barbie, Raquelle is the main villain of the series wanting to steal the fans of Barbie, Ken, besides wanting to be the center of attention every time failing miserably, and demonstrates that Barbie never bother with their actions and often ignores. She has a twin brother named Ryan, who serves as an enemy to Ken the same way that she serves an enemy to Barbie. She has a pet dog named Brunhilde.


In Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse his personality changes constantly, sometimes behaving like a kind and friendly girl, but most often behaves like a jealous and narcisist jerk. Although being considered one of Barbie's friends she often proves to be a selfish, spoiled girl who lives creating chaos to be the center of attention. So Raquelle shows up being a bad friend for Barbie she is also a threat (although she never really is threatened) for her reputation and fame. She also has a great dislike for Barbie's sisters and often manipulates her brother Ryan to do all the dirty work for her.Raquelle almost always loses at the end of the episodes.

Villainous Roles

  • Party Foul - Raquelle invites Barbie and Nikki for a party at his house, but she lies when writing the invitation to Barbie and Nikki wear normal clothes in a pool party in order to make them pass ashamed. The two decide to change clothes, but each time they change their clothes Raquelle handles the guests to wear other clothes for Barbie and Nikki remain displaced from the crowd.
  • The Barbie Boutique - When Barbie decides to open her own boutique Raquelle decides to copy your idea to creating your own boutique in order to compete with Barbie. Raquelle decides to spy on the Barbie Boutique and steal all ideas to Ryan put in your boutique.
  • The Shrinkerator - At the end of episode Raquelle becomes giant after trigger the enlarger ray of Ken. She kidnaps Ken and goes on to terrorize the people of Malibu with her giant size.
  • Gone Glitter Gone - Raquelle sends Ryan to break into the Barbie's mansion to steal her glitter. When realizes that Chelsea have the last bit of glitter she and the Barbie's sisters goes to chase the girl.
  • Catty On The Catwalk - Raquelle decide copy Barbie, making her tell all their secrets on fashion show and stealing your style.
  • Help Wanted - Raquelle back to sabotage the Barbie Boutique again taking advantage of Skipper will be in the Barbie's place. However Skipper ends frustrating all plans of Raquelle unintentionally.
  • Sour Loser - Knowing that Chelsea opened a lemonade stand in front of your home Raquelle tries to provoke the girl for her close your stall. However Chelsea ends up being motivated to create greater lemonadory. Raquelle decides to buy the establishment of Chelsea, but ends up being frustrated by the girl.
  • Trapped in the Dreamhouse - Raquelle decide stop Barbie and her friends to assemble Teresa's fashion show reversing the Closet to the evil mode making everyone get trapped in the mansion.
  • Style Super Squad - When Barbie is occupied after forming a fashion superheroes squad with her friends, Raquelle takes advantage of his absence to take his place in the media and become famous.
  • Mayor of Malibu - Raquelle decides to become mayor to spread numerous statues of herself in Malibu. Chelsea decides to compete, but Raquelle try to cheat accusing Chelsea with lies in her electoral campaign.
  • Business is Barking - For a short time Raquelle try to copy the idea of Chelsea's Petshop.
  • The Amaze Chase - Raquelle is one of the competitors of Amaze Chase. She forms partnership with Skipper who joins with her after a disagreement with Barbie, Raquelle makes advantage of it to provoke Barbie. In the first challenge she does vandalism defacing the Barbie's statues with spray paint. In the last challenge after Skipper redeem with Barbie she sabotages the van of Barbie using glue to attach the rear wheels and then kidnaps Ken pasting he in your car.
  • New Girl in Town - When Barbie befriends a new girl Raquelle spies she and then sends a false message on the phone the other Barbie's friends in order to complicate matters for Barbie.
  • Red Carpet Caper - Barbie trust Raquelle to organize a gala party at her mansion after she finished filming a movie with Ken. Raquelle creates several plans to humiliate Barbie, destroying the door to her car, open a sewer hole down the red carpet as well as sabotage of the cameras and the cake for soiling the Barbie dress. However Raquelle ends up apologizing to Barbie at the end of the episode, after Barbie has her welcome to the party.



  • The Raquelle personality in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is similar to Beth from Polly Pocket movies (mainly in PollyWorld). Both are unpopular and envious teens trying to destroy the reputation of her rich rivals and be more popular than them. Both franchises in which the characters appears belong to Mattel.