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Evil Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch appeared as a villainous version of herself in "The Summer of George," the eighth season finale of Seinfeld.

In the episode, Kramer accepted a Tony Award along with some of the other people involved in creating a play known as "The Scarsdale Surprise," which also featured Raquel Welch. Kramer is later told that he can keep the Tony on one condition: he has to fire Raquel for them. The reason for Raquel's firing: she doesn't move her arms when she dances. Raquel is described as a "train wreck" by her superiors, and she is shown in her dressing room chewing out someone on the phone when an intimidated Kramer enters. After a good amount of stalling, Kramer does fire Raquel, who later attacks him when he tries to escape. As revealed later in the episode, Raquel destroyed Kramer's Tony Award during the attack.

Raquel later plagued Elaine as she's walking down the street grumbling over being fired. She sees Elaine walking without moving her arms and confronts her, thinking that she's mocking her. In actuality, Elaine was reporting a co-worker to the police and she was imitating how she walks. However, the evil Raquel attacked Elaine and engaged in a catfight with her, much to the delight of the on-looking policemen.


  • Before her appearance as a villainess in Seinfeid's eighth season finale, Raquel Welch was referenced in two previous Season Eight episodes: "The Nap" and (more notably) "The Yada Yada."


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