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Raquel Diaz is a professional wrestler best known for her time in WWE via their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, which later became NXT. She served as the lead villainess in FCW/NXT, and was the longest reigning FCW Divas Champion in history.

The eldest daughter of Vickie and Eddie Guerrero, Raquel debuted in FCW in 2011 and served as the villainous manager for the original Ascension faction. She later switched to in-ring competition and went on to become the Queen of FCW. After winning the crown, Raquel made her intentions clear:  she wants the FCW Divas Championship. Raquel ended her promo with an evil cackle after vowing that she'll one day take over FCW. Weeks later, Raquel defeated Audrey Marie to capture the FCW Divas Championship, and she defended her title successfully against Divas such as Audrey, Paige, and Sofia Cortez. This included a memorable defense against Paige where Raquel utilized her father's famous "Lie, Cheat, and Steal" method, with a steel chair as her weapon of choice. Raquel lost the title to Caylee Turner in August 2012.

Shortly after losing the title, the evil Raquel debuted on the new look NXT program, with a new gimmick that had her referring to herself as an "Ultra Diva." She went on what she called "The Exfoliating Ugliness Tour," which included attacking Divas such as Audrey Marie and Tamina Snuka and drawing the letter "L" on their foreheads; the "L" standing for "loser." Raquel was released in September 2012, but she returned to NXT a year later, still portraying a villainess at house shows. Raquel was released from WWE again in April 2014.

As a villainess, Raquel was portrayed as egotistical and a bully to other Divas. Among a list of Raquel's villainous traits is her evil laugh, which she got from her mother, Vickie Guerrero.


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