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Rapunzel is the hidden secondary antagonist of Dreamworks' 7th computer animated feature film Shrek the Third. She is a member of the princess group and Prince Charming's secret girlfriend.

Shrek 2

Her name was seen at the gate at her tower home within the kingdom of Far Far Away in Shrek 2, although she wasn't seen

Shrek the Third

When Prince Charming invaded Far Far Away with his army of villains, Rapunzel betrayed all the other princesses so she can be with him.

She attended a play with Charming, in which he was planning to kill Shrek in front of everyone in the kingdom. When Shrek's best friends came to rescue him, Gingerbread Man used Rapunzel's hair to desend from the tower. This makes her hair fall off her head, revealed to be a wig. Shocked and humiliated, Rapunzel abandoned Charming and ran away.


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  • Rapunzel is sometimes thought to be the tertiary antagonist of the third film.


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