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Rapu'anate was a villainous character in the mythology of the Solomon Islands.


He was an envious man who wanted to have the hand of a woman he loved on his home island but was denied her request.

One day the woman's brother was aware of Rapu'anate's deceit and he removed his sister from their home. Rapu'anate was furious and he followed. He found that everywhere he went they hid the girl from him.

Eventually, Rapu'anate grew embittered and sought out a witch on the island who gave him a rare magical plant which, she said, would aid him in his quest. She told him to plant the flower on the shore and when it blossomed, its dark magic caused the island to sink. The island was quickly flooded by the curse of the flower and Rapu'anate had doomed his community. Many of his friends drowned but many others rowed far out to sea and they escaped the chaos.

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