The raptors are minor villains in the Doctor Who episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship". They are the most aggressive dinosaurs in the episode.



The raptors were among the dinosaurs placed aboard the Silurian Ark to be transported on a new planet.

After Solomon took control of the Ark with his robots, three raptors attacked him while he was alone and severely injured his legs, but the robots arrived and saved him.



When the Doctor and his companions came aboard the Ark, the raptors track them without showing themselves. However, in a few occasions, the hunter John Riddell notices that some dinosaurs follow them.

Later, they go to the control room in order to pilot the spaceship and Riddell leaves the room to keep out the dinosaurs. He sees a raptor coming and aims it with his tranquiliser gun, but many others come and surround him. He returns in the room for asking assistance, so Amy Pond takes a gun and comes to help him. The raptors attack the two but they respond by shooting them. Finally, Riddell and Amy manage to defeat every raptors.

The raptors and the other dinosaurs are later bring on the planet Siluria.