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Raptor is a Sangheili Zealot who was trained by Ooskoo in the arts of sword fighting, making him extremly powerful in sword dueling. He also has a friendship with Ocelot and served under Ragath and Firelight before finally siding with the Humans. He rescued Ocelot from the execution that Firelight planned, and then both Raptor and Ocelot were almost killed by Firelight himself until Thel finally killed Firelight. 

During the Battle of Halo's control room, Ragath killed Raptor with his Needle Rifle and the Elites then killed the angered Ocelot who attempted to kill them all to avenge Raptor. Raptor was soon revived by Cassi, and then went to Ocelot to say goodbye as he left to go back to Sangheilious.

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