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Randy Marsh is the father of Stan and Shelly Marsh and husband of Sharon Marsh as well as the secondary protagonist and the adult protagonist in South Park. Although, he is seen as a minor antagonist and protagonist villain as well, due to him being mostly obsessive to everything he sees.

Political Views

Randy Marsh is shown to be an actual liberal. He often fights for huge changes and only turns to conservatism when he is in a major problem, goes into an obsession stance, or misunderstands something. His liberalism is first seen in "Spontaneous Combustion" when he tells the people of South Park that they have to fart all the time in order to avoid being burned alive. He was also shown to support the people of the future in "Goobacks" and thinks of them just as normal people. He even grounds Stan after he calls these people Goobacks in a fast food restaurant but his grounding was lifted after Randy loses his job to one of those people from the future. In "About Last Night..." Randy's political views are confirmed after he is seen supporting Obama.


As first seen in "Two Guys Naked In A Hot Tub" Randy has a very unhealthy addiction to masturbation. He often masturbates without thinking straight and becomes obsessive on whatever he is masturbating on. In the episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die" he was watching Mrs. Tenorman take her bra off. Later, in "Over Logging", he sneaks in the room where the internet is hidden then he goes on it and starts looking at unusual pornographic material and in "Crème Fraiche" he was beating it to cooking shows. This soon became an obsession and it forced Sharon to give Randy an "old fashioned" in order to end his obsession and save their marriage.


Randy and his "disease" of alcoholism "The Red Badge of Gayness", "Clubhouses" and "The Losing Edge", it was hinted that Randy has a drinking problem. This drinking problem (although in "The Red Badge of Gayness", it was shown that most of the men in the town are involved in the manipulation by Cartman. Cartman also mentioned it in the episode "Grey Dawn" His problem was more closely examined in "Bloody Mary" after he was caught drunk-driving. He soon got a D.W.I on his criminal record and was found guilty of it. The judge then revoked Randy's license, made him go around schools including South Park Elementary to explain to kids why heavy drinking is bad, and sentenced him to 2 weeks of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. As a result of the A.A meetings, Randy misunderstands the concept of Alcoholism and believed that only spirituality can cure him of this.

He has been depicted as everything from a casual drinker to a heavy alcoholic. He still isn't as bad as Kenny's father, Stuart McCormick, as, unlike the latter, he is sober most of the time. He also had a job until he got himself fired in "About Last Night..." for a drunken tirade directed toward his boss. (It reveals again, though, that he was re-hired as a Geologist in You Have 0 Friends). It appears Randy Marsh is a binge drinker - one who stays most of the time sober but drinks heavily at suitable instances. He might have a family history of alcoholism because his son Stan was seen getting drunk in order to avoid his cynicism. It may be that Randy had the same problem Stan had and that Randy was constantly drinking to avoid hallucinating and seeing the entire world as a huge mass of excrement. This might mean that Randy was also diagnosed with cynicism and that his immature and dumb behavior might have been caused by the side effect of the alcohol he was consuming to cure him of his cynicism.


He appears to be extremely drawn to marijuana, going as far as to intentionally giving himself cancer just so he could get his hands on legal marijuana. He tried many ways to get cancer, such as smoking, getting a tan, and attaching cell phones to his face. He eventually came up with the idea of sticking his testicles in a microwave, as seen in "Medicinal Fried Chicken", just to get weed. Ten other men, including Jimbo and Ned, soon follow Randy's example.

Despite being drawn to marijuana in aforementioned episode, he seems to display some level of contempt for it in "My Future Self n' Me" as not only do he and Sharon hire someone to scare Stan from drugs, he also is the one to defame marijuana at the end, however, it's possible Randy simply does not want Stan to end up like himself.

Musical Talent

It appears Randy Marsh is very musically talented. He is a good singer and he can play guitar really well as seen in Guitar Queer-O and Over Logging. He also sung and played the guitar in "You're Getting Old", but this was not a display of good talent.


It is also implied in "Die Hippie, Die", that Randy and his wife, Sharon used to be hippies, and they met at Woodstock in 1969. If this were the case, though, they would be in their mid 40s to mid 50s. But Randy stated in one episode in Season 9 that he was 35 years old, so this may have been simply a cutaway joke. Also, Randy and Sharon were revealed to have met in a tree-fort playing Truth or Dare, in the episode "Clubhouses".

Randy tells the other adults in town, at the end of "Child Abduction is Not Funny", that he studied Mongolian in college, possibly minoring in the subject. He then speaks it to the children, who have joined a tribe of Mongolians. However, it appears that he doesn't apply his knowledge of the language to his life, as this is the only time he is heard speaking it. He may also have a PhD in Geology as he has been called Dr. Marsh on two separate occasions (although one of those times was himself).

In "Make Love, Not Warcraft", Randy makes a World of Warcraft account (which is named Falcorn and is a level 2 human hunter, which is not possible in the actual game at the time of the episodes creation.) after seeing his son Stan play it.

In "Pinewood Derby" he made Stan cheat in his derby race, accidentally discovers warp drive, and consequently becomes first contact for aliens coming to Earth. He and the leaders of the world keep trying to cover their lies. He grounded Stan for telling the truth, however, he and the others lied to the aliens. As punishment for failing that test so badly, Earth and the Moon are permanently enclosed in a gigantic, cubical force field and isolated from the rest of the Universe — to which Randy says, "Well, that sucks."

Randy is named after, and based upon, Trey Parker's father, Randy Parker. Randy Parker is also a geologist.

Vehicles Owned

Randy has driven red sedans, Lexus RX300s, and Lincoln Navigators. In "Smug Alert", he is seen driving a Honda Civic Hybrid.

Villainous Acts

  • I'm a Little Bit Country: Randy participated in a violent Anti-War movement that attacked Pro-War protestors.
  • All About Mormons: He forces his family to convert to Mormonism despite their opposition.
  • The Losing Edge: Randy got into multiple fights with the fathers of other baseball teams while drunk.
  • With Apologies to Jesse Jackson: Accidentally said the N-word on Live TV.
  • Pinewood Derby: Stole a Superconducting magnet from the Hadron Particle Supercollider in Switzerland and used it to cheat in the Pinewood Derby competition. He suggested keeping the Space Cash from the police officers, and told Stan to kill Kevern Zaksor. Randy was the one who told other countries to nuke the entire country of Finland, and even when Stan admitted to cheating on the Pinewood Derby, Randy told Stan he was grounded, even though Randy was the one who forced Stan into cheating. Even after Stan spoke about the immoral principles of cheating, Randy still chose to lie to the Space Cops.
  • Ass Burgers: Slanders people with Asperger's syndrome on while on television.
  • Night Of The Living Homeless: Holds the entire town hostage with a shotgun fearing that they could "become one of the homeless" after the town became overrun with homeless people, he also murders his friend Glen after he learns he lost his house.
  • Black Friday Trilogy: Becomes a mall security guard just so he can get a head start on the Black Friday deals, he also murders one of the security guards because he was panicking during the shoppers insanity, he also denies killing him even though he was holding the murder weapon (a bow and arrow). At the end, he is shown taking a hd television out of the shop, demonstrating even after several hundreds, possibly thousands of people died, he was still willing to purchase whatever he wanted with the Black Friday deals.


~ Randy after Stan turns off the console in "Guitar Queer-O"