Randy Adderson is one of the Socs in the book and movie The Outsiders. He is Bob Sheldon's best friend.

Appearance and Personality

Randy has brown curly hair. Randy wears clothes like most Socs, Dress Pants and a buttoned jacket with a button-up shirt.

Before Bob's Death, Randy acted like a typical Soc. Had a high attitude and saw all greasers as white trash. Though, it's possible he did this out of conformity. After Bob's Death, Randy comes to his senses and starts to feel remorseful of his actions. He becomes a much nicer person and even befriends Ponyboy.


Movie Drive-In

Randy is first seen with Bob Sheldon in Bob's Mustang. He and Bob get infuriated to see Grasers Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-Bit befriend their girlfriends, Cherry and Marcia. As a fight was about to break out, Cherry and Marcia cool the tensions by going with their boyfriends.

The Park

Randy, still with Bob and now drunk, sees Ponyboy and Johnny alone in the park. Seeing as no one would help them at the hour of 2 AM, they confront the two, drunk. Bob comments saying that Greasers are White Trash, in which Ponyboy responds by saying that Socs are white trash with Mustangs and other nice things. The Socs then chase the two greasers, catching up to them quick. Randy catches Johnny and beats him down, but then helps Bob drown Ponyboy after Ponyboy shows that he was capable of retaliation. Johnny pulled out his knife and killed Bob, which caused Randy and the others to run away

Talk With Ponyboy

Randy goes to talk with Ponyboy way later in the story after Ponyboy returns from running away. Randy apologizes and reflects on the situation with Ponyboy, showing his remorsefulness. Randy was the only known Soc to not participate in the Rumble