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Randy is the main antagonist of Pee-wee's Playhouse. He is a redheaded puppet boy. Though like many children's show villains, Randy often switched from his antagonist role and that of a "jerk" depending on the episode.


Randy was designed to teach children moral lessons, usually being the one who encouraged others to do bad and was a bully to the other inhabitants of the Playhouse. So, his main purpose was so children would know that whatever Randy did was something that they SHOULDN'T do.


Randy is nothing but a bully and a jerk, and is not even that villainous.

Still, there have been occasions in which Randy's actions have been overly cruel or destructive. In one episode, he started a fire in the Playhouse by turning Pee-Wee's oven up way too high when they were baking bread. In another, he nearly convinced Pee- Wee to keep a lost puppy he found even after learning that the puppy had a rightful owner who was looking for him. In another, he secretly rewrote the Playhouse newspaper to include damaging lies about people, such as an article accusing Pee- Wee's friend Miss Yvonne of robbing the Playhouse. In yet another, he nearly got Pee- Wee arrested after convincing him to prank call a woman who turned out to be the wife of a policeman.


Randy has red hair and freckles and blue eyes. He wears a white short-sleeved T-shirt, blue jeans, and black and white sneakers.


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