Random man is a minor villain, whom is really a good person who unfortunately he is possessed by Carnage symbiote to use him as a host.


Spider-man: Venom Returns

This man was an usual citizen of New York city. He had a girlfriend and in one night, they had a date in Central Park. They were happy to sit together, but then, they both saw meteorite was falling down, and it fell in Central Park. The young couple got interest to it, and they decided to find out what was going on. They came closer, and they saw a small stone on the ground. The guy decided to touch it, but the his girlfriend was scared of it. Suddenly, black and red slime come out of it, who were Venom and Carnage Symbiote. It attacked the woman's boyfriend and the woman started to shout. The boyfriend asked his girlfriend to help him to get this thing away from his hand, but she was also attacked by Venom symbiote and Carnage symbiote stayed on the man. After attracting with man, symbiotes the man's mind was taken over.

To be invisible for other people, symbiote hided as man's jacket. Using man's body, he went to Ravencroft Asylum for Criminal Insane. He broke through guards and came in the room of Cletus Casady. Cletus asked him that who is he, but suddenly, Carnage symbiote left man, and he fell unconscinous on the floor. Later he appeared in past, when Dormammu was showing Venom how does Venom symbiote returned on Earth, and offspring of Venom symbiote used man as host and he went in Ravencroft Asylum.

Spider-man: Carnage

He also appearanced in next episode "Carnage", when there were a flashback of what happened in last episode.

Powers and abilities

  • Can be in use as host
  • Transportation of symbiote to someone else