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Ragged bits of scalp...trailing in tails of hair like comets.
~ Randall Tier to Hannibal Lecter

Randall Tier is a serial killer in TV show Hannibal. Randall was a unique psychopath that desired to "become an animal", doing so by engineering a hydraulic exoskeleton fitted with a Cave Bear's skull and claws to maul his victims. He was originally treated by Dr. Hannibal Lecter in his youth and would later be responsible for the deaths of three people, who he tore limb from limb.

He was the second overall victim (the first being Garret Jacob Hobbs) of Will Graham, having murdered him with his bare hands following an attempt on his life (an event orchestrated by Hannibal). After being killed, he was displayed by Will at the museum he worked at, combined with his arms, legs and top half of his head with a animal skeleton.

He is played by Mark O'Brien.


  • An unnamed truck driver
  • An unnamed couple


  • Will Graham


  • Tier's name hints at his character, as "Tier" is German for "animal", and Randall an Old English/German name meaning "wolf shield".


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