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Randall Garner better know as The Fisher King or Sir Kneighf was a tragic killer and the main antagonist of the two-part "Fisher King" episodes of Criminal Minds, which acted as the season finale of season 1 and led into the season 2 premiere of the series.


Early life

Prior to the events of the series, Randall's house was burned due to the wiring system, killing his wife and 3 of his daughters, he only saved his daughter Rebecca Bryant and was severaly burned in the process, which drove him to insanity. He was eventually sent to the Bennington Sanitarium, where he met Dr. Spencer Reid's mother, Patient Diana "Diane" Reid, who told him about the keeper of The Holy Grail, The Fisher King. The story caused him to believe that he was The Fisher King, The Holy Grail being his daughter Rebbeca, Sir Percival being Spencer Reid and the rest of the BAU Uniy being The Knights of the Round Table. After his release, he stalked and kidnapped his daughter Rebbeca.

Stalking the BAU

Two years after kidnapping Rebecca, he started to stalk the BAU Agents during their cases. After getting information about their personal lives and sending them items them, he sent career criminal Frank Giles to kill another accomplice named Marty Harris, Frank was later killed by Randall himself as part of his plan. After finding a DVD tape, the BAU soon discovers that they all are part of his game, with one single rule: Only the BAU must participate without help from other people. After breaking the rule, Agent Elle Greenaway is nearly killed by him.


After shooting Elle, he makes a phone call to the unit, saying that they broke the rule. When arriving at hospital, Jason Gideon and Hotch are informed that Elle is going to survive her wounds. They soon discover that Randall was inspired to give them those items by the book The Collector. The BAU manages to find the mansion where Rebbeca was been hold captive for two years via Diana Reid, Spencer later finds Randall with a bomb implanted on himself. After having a conversation with Spencer, the bomb is intentionally activated, killing him. Rebecca would unfortunaly be killed by Jason Gideon's archenemy and profiliac serial killer Frank Breitkopf.


Body Count: 2

  • Marty Harris (by Proxy)
  • Frank Giles