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Ramrowan is the secondary antagonist of the 2010 South Korean film The Man from Nowhere. He is the top henchman to brothers Man-seok and Jong-seok


Ramrowan was a Thai immigrant who came to South Korea to find a normal life instead he ended up working for cruel men like Man-seok, Ramrowan was a ruthless killer who tortured and murdered people whom he was tasked with. To find a herion addict and single mother of Soo-mi - Hyo-jung who steal the drugs and pawn the camera to former agent Cha Tae-shik who is widower at pawn shop. Ram and Jong-seok track Hyo-jung's boyfriend by killing him and finds her at the location, Jong-seok toruted Hyo-jung by burning his thigh with a dry blower as Ram covered Soo-mi-s eyes for prevant seeing it. When Tae-shik who is friend to Soo-mi noticed everybody