Ramon is a rude designer and the main antagonist in two episodes of the 2012 revival of the Littlest Pet Shop.

He made his first appearance in the episode The Big, Feathered Parade, where he was a famous designer for the Big Feathered Parade. Ramon has an inspirational mynah bird named Desi, whose fallen feathers are used in his designs. But Ramon sometimes stresses him so that his feathers fall out before the time, which caused him to want a new owner.

He was having trouble coming up with designs for the parade, so he stole Blythe Baxter's designs portfolio and her ideas for the parade. Since nobody had seen Blythe's designs, he successfully claimed them as his own, until Blythe got proofs against him.

He later returned in the episode Plane it on Rio!, taking the Pet Jet to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the Carnival parade. This time, he had replaced Desi with robotic birds including one called Ramona. He stole Blythe's luggage and planned to use her ideas for himself again. He came in second in the Rio Carnival, and Roger Baxter said he couldn't go home with the Pet Jet because his pet was not real.