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The birth and early life of Rama-Tut are shrouded in mystery. He was born in one of Earth's alternate futures of the 30th Century (a different one from that which was conquered by the alien Badoon) and being a man of adventure in a time of peace and prosperity, he was discontented. Discovering a time machine on the ruins of one of his ancestors' property, the man who would call himself Rama-Tut embarked upon a life of conquest and adventure. He began looting various eras for weaponry and technology, prominent among which was the militaristic 25th century.

Finally he decided to set up a base of operations in the Egypt of 2950 B.C. (the Second Dynasty). Creating a sphinx-like idol to house the time machine he travelled back to the past. Due to a miscalculation, however, some of his temporal circuitry was damaged upon arrival, and he sustained an injury to his optic nerves. Despite his blindness, he subjugated the native Egyptians with his superior weaponry. One of the native healers brought him a rare herb that helped restore his sight. Until such time as he could repair his time machine, he was stranded in this era.

In the 4th year of his reign, he was visited by the 20th Century's Fantastic Four, who had travelled to the past by means of one of Doctor Doom's time machines. They had learned of a possible cure for blindness on an ancient hieroglyph and hoped to obtain it to cure Alicia Masters. After a short-lived victory over the Fantastic Four, the self-styled pharaoh escaped to his now-operative time machine control module and left, destroying all evidence of his remaining technology[1]. On his way to the future, he was delayed by a "time storm" that temporarily blocked his passage beyond the mid-20th Century A.D. Happening upon Doctor Doom, Tut revealed that Doom was the ancestor of his whose time machine he found and modified. In the course of their conversation, Doom offered the unfounded speculation that they might not be ancestors but the same person living in two different time eras at different times of his life. Although such a conclusion was both insupportable and implausible, Tut humored Doom, so impressed was he with his formidable presense.

After he returned Doom to Earth, Tut was inspired by this meeting to adopt a suit of body armor and a metal mask incorporation protective and offensive devices. Although he told Doom he would leave the 20th Century to him to conquer, Tut found that he could not as yet travel forward, due to the effects of the time storm. Hence, taking the armored identity of the Scarlet Centurion, he went to Earth and succeeded in conquering the governments of the Earth with the unwitting aid of the Avengers. (This world diverged from the mainstream history as a consequence of his extratemporal interference.) Eventually thwarted, he resumed his course for the future, where he had a long career as Kang the Conqueror.

At 60 years of age, one of Kang's many temporal counterparts (diverged by his frequent extratemporal interference) returned to ancient Egypt to be its beneolent ruler, having tired of a lifetime of conquest. Ruling with compassion for 10 years, he meditated upon the sins of his life, and became determined to try to undo some of them. NO longer having a working time machine, Tut had himself placed in suspended animation. In the mid-20th Century he was awakened by the Avenger named the Swordsman (an event he claimed to have foreknowledge of) and attempted to help the Avengers thwart one of Kang's most critical conquest, the capture of the Celestial Madonna. In the course of doing so, he encountered the time master Immortus and realized that Immortus was a possible future counterpart of himself. Journeying to the transtemporal realm of Limbo to investigate the secrets of time, Rama-Tut became Immortus.

Television History

1967 Fantastic Four cartoon

200px-Nathaniel Richards (Rama-Tut) (Earth-700089)

Rama-Tut, ruler of Egypt. He them that he is from the year 3000, and seeking adventure, constructed a time machine and travelled back to ancient Egypt. He kidnaps the Fantastic Four when they are forced to travel back in time by Doctor Doom via Doctor Doom's Time Platform. He tells them that he is from the year 3000 AD, and seeking adventure, constructed a time machine and travelled back to ancient Egypt. He imprisons the team as hypnotised slaves, but a passing comet returns Ben to his human form and restores his will. As Rama-Tut prepares to marry Sue, Ben rescues her and the rest of the team. As the comet moves away, Ben becomes the Thing again, and the Four follow Rama-Tut for their final confrontation.

X-Men: Evolution


Rama-Tut was a time traveler from the distant future who traveled back to ancient Egypt, using his advanced technology as a source of power to take control of the land. Upon hearing rumours about an inhumanly strong warrior named En Sabah Nur, Rama-Tut, seeing Nur as a threat to his rule, ordered Nur's death. However, even though Nur's tribe was defeated, Nur himself proved to be too powerful. Defeated, Rama-Tut would flee, never to be seen again. Nur would later discover Rama-Tut's technology and would attempt to use it in a plot to reshape the world.

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